Spoken Language

The visually impaired persons are a little behind when we talk about the generation of computer technology. Perhaps, the main reason is that since they cannot see clearly, they are not able to read and understand what is written on the computer screen. And because of this, several individuals have come up with an idea of making an online application that will benefit the visually impaired. This application is known as the text to speech.

This application mainly focuses on being able to translate whatever written words are there into spoken language. Let us say, for example, one wants to read a news article online. Since this certain person has a difficulty in reading then the application is definitely useful for him. By using the text to speech application, he will then be able to listen to the news that he wants to be updated of, instead of reading it with difficulty.

Aside from that, not only the visually impaired are able to profit from this application, but also everyone else who feels the need to listen to a certain article instead of just reading it. This gives us the opportunity to maximize our time because we are able to do other things while at the same time listening to the article or story that is translated by the online application, text to speech.

This is indeed a very useful and innovative creation which has gained a worldwide popularity. It has been used by several individuals, adult and children alike, in their constant use of the internet.

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