Voice Output

Technology has a great impact on our daily lives. For example, the use of the cellphone has become part of our everyday living. We do not leave the house without taking our cellphone with us. It has become an essential tool for our “survival” in this era of modern technology. The use of such device has many benefits; we can download and use various applications and software which can ease our use of the device. One of them is the hands-free attribute wherein you get to answer calls without holding your phone. Another one, which is also popularly used and well-known to many, is the text to speech.

This refers to certain applications whose function is to convert written text into a voice output. This means that instead of reading, you will now be listening. This is definitely an excellent solution to a majority of cellphone users who are always on the go and does not have the luxury of time to stop for a moment and read a text message. With this application, cell phone users are now able to listen to the text message that they receive.

The text to speech mainly functions as a text or screen reader. It reads any written text and converts it into spoken word. It is able to read aloud whatever is written on the screen of a cell phone or a computer. It is perfect for students who are tasked to make a report about a story or an article online because instead of repeatedly reading it, they can now just listen to it over and over again. The text to speech application is indeed an amazing application.

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