Text to Speech

We are quite familiar about translating words from one language to another. But how about converting written text into a voice output. In this times of modern technology, a lot of applications have been designed in order to help us live a more comfortable life. Among the most popular online applications that we greatly benefit from is the text to speech application.

This is basically a form of speech synthesis wherein we are able to convert text into a spoken voice output. It is practically very simple to use. Once you are logged into the application, you just simply type the text that you want to be translated to speech. And then you will hear the spoken translation of your written text.

The text to speech application was originally developed in order to aid the visually impaired persons. With the use of this application, a computer-generated voice would read the text to the user. Since they have a difficulty in seeing and reading, this application definitely helps them so that they can understand the written text through the internet by means of listening to it.

Text to speech is indeed a very innovative design because it is able to translate any words into a spoken voice output. Its capacity to translate is not limited to certain words only thus whatever is written will be read aloud by this application. They are basically capable of reading any string of characters, a more particular group of words in order to form sensible sentences.

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